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Information for Parents

Information for parents

Why the Air Training Corps? After all, there are plenty of other youth organisations out there. But ask anyone who has taken part as a cadet, adult volunteer or parent and you’ll know how special the organisation is. It offers young people from all walks of life a chance to get active, learn new skills and make new friends in an inspirational and safe environment.

It doesn’t interfere with young people’s school responsibilities and cadets take an invaluable set of experiences and strong personal ethics with them when they leave that they can put to good use at university or in the career of their choosing. It’s true that many cadets do take up a career within the Services, but there is no obligation for them to join up after leaving the organisation. Their personal development as confident and spirited young people is our main aim.

Under the guidance of our fully qualified volunteer staff we’ll offer your son or daughter many activities to take part in and every opportunity to build their strengths and improve their confidence. We hope that they stay with us for several years and thoroughly enjoy their membership – our volunteer staff are always on hand to assist parents with any questions or concerns.

Your responsibilities

We ask parents for as little as possible. The most important way that parents can give their support is by enabling their son or daughter to attend parade evenings regularly and punctually, as absence and lateness can have a negative impact on our training activities.

We provide most of the kit and encourage cadets to be self-sufficient and keep their uniform in good order themselves. Don’t be upset if they ask you not to iron their shirt, for example, as there is a certain way of doing it and they are encouraged to handle it themselves! However, you are ultimately responsible for their uniform, which is valued at around £200 and is issued on loan – it should only be used for ATC activities and must be returned at the end of their time with us. We are not always able to provide footwear, so shoes or boots may need to be purchased.

We try to keep subscriptions as low as possible and the current rate works out at the equivalent of around 80p per parade night.  The sum is typically payable, by cheque or cash, either annually or six-monthly, although alternative arrangements can be discussed on request.

For those parents who wish to take a more active role, there are ways of getting more involved with the Air Training Corps as an adult volunteer – so please do get in touch if you want to discuss the opportunities for this or click HERE for more information.